Location: Beirut, Lebanon | Client: Al Habtoor Group | Consultant: Concer – Ali Morabet | Contractor : ACC – Arabian Construction Co. | Status: Executed , 2006 | Contract Value: $6.7 Million

Description | Challenging Structures The 30-meter diameter glazed Dome structure executed at the Habtoor Grand Hotel has the following unique features, making it the first of its kind in the Middle East :

• Single-layer space frame designed especially by our group in collaboration with IOCHRE UK for the project, taking into consideration all required local combinations according to international standards as well as seismic load considerations.

• The unique and advanced tension rod technology implemented in the construction of the Dome enabled us to use smaller & lighter rectangular sections, yielding a highly transparent structure. • Advanced digital equipment was used to calibrate and check the tension in each & every structural member throughout the installation process.

• Furthermore, our group designed, procured, fabricated, and installed electrically operated smoke vents to comply with stringent international regulations related to fire safety.

• One of the Dome`s very distinctive features is the fact that it is rotated around the horizontal axis, which has added to its complexity and remarkable geometry, thus making its design and implementation a true achievement.

• The double glazed panels used on the Dome were coated with Low Emissivity high-performance soft coating and acoustical interlayer applied to the laminated inner pane, to guarantee a high level
of thermal and sound insulation.

Executed by Alumco Lebanon.

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