Streamlabs Chatbot: A Comprehensive List of Commands

Streamlabs Chatbot: A Comprehensive List of Commands

Streamlabs Chatbot: A Comprehensive List of Commands 150 150 admin

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twitch commands streamlabs

For streamers on Twitch, especially, the chats can get so involved that you’d have to need a bot to form some semblance of control. For even more streaming tips and how-to content check out my Youtube channel here. And if you want to check out my streams then stop by my Twitch channel here.

twitch commands streamlabs

Awesomecommand CHANGED TEXT – Changes the text, link or whatever you include in your command. Paste your custom API URL into the “URL fetch” area of the dashboard. Twitch introduces “shoutout”, a new way to follow other streamers on the platform. If you download the ‘zip’ format of the obs-websocket 4.8, we can easily directly install it into our obs program folder. Again, these are what are accessible as of right now in 2020. Leave the obsremoteparameters in the ‘zip’ format; we will need it like that later.

StreamLabs Chatbot / Cloudbot Commands for mods

But once you get the hang of it, you can do it already know, Cloudbot can work with Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Since Streamlabs is freeware and open source, it is even more prone to bugs. Use the queue system to track who will be playing with the streamer next or keep track of user-submitted Mario Maker Levels.

twitch commands streamlabs

StreamElements is a well-known platform for streamers that works perfectly on YouTube and Twitch. This bot offers many resources for creating and monetizing content, including free overlays, a merchandise store, a media sharing system, and its own chatbot. You can also be a streamer that encounters this little piece of information. Once it expires, entries will automatically close and you must choose a winner from the list of participants, available on the left side of the screen. Chat commands and info will be automatically be shared in your stream. I highly recommend that you have a section for commands in the description of your Twitch channel so people know exactly what commands they can use.

Just a few steps and you’re up and running

This command runs to give a specific amount of points to all the users belonging to a current chat. This will display the song information, direct link, and the requester names for both the current as well as a queued song on YouTube. This will display all the channels that are currently hosting your channel. This will display the last three users that followed your channel. This allows the user to go back and see filtered messages, or discover why a user was banned. Retweet” command displays the latest tweet in your chat and requests users to retweet it, while “!

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How do I enable commands on Twitch?

Just follow these steps to add a chat command to your Twitch chat: Open up the Commands menu from the main menu, then open the Custom commands menu from there. Type the name of your chat command in the Command name input at the bottom of the menu. E.g. Twitter if you want to use the command in Twitch chat like !

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