VISION Our Phoenician ancestors were pioneering artisans and craftsmen who discovered the technique behind the production of transparent glass. Their innovative capabilities have been witness throughout the past centuries. Our vision is to view ALUMCO among the internationally recognized giants of the aluminum and glazing industry.

Our goals for achieving this vision are: Build on our ancestral legacy in the 21st century. Establish a global platform for innovative, unique solutions to facade engineering.
MISSION ALUMCO’s design and execution of aluminum glazed facades, as well as other forms of metal structures, focus on the following values:
  • Customer satisfation - Profitability
  • Integrity - Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Evironmental health
  • Investment in staff and technicians
  • Safety
  • Training
SCOPE OF WORK The main aspect of ALUMCO’s business is the provision of turn key projects starting with the design and selection of aluminum systems suiting project requirements, structural calculations, shop drawings, as well as superior fabrication and installation details.

ALUMCO’s strength lies in its ability to tackle technically complicated projects and to develop innovative systems that give it an edge over competitors.

Examples of ALUMCO’s innovations are: The unitized curtain wall system which was implemented for the first time ever in the region on the ESCWA building in the Central Distric of Beirut. The custom unitized curtain wall designed by our Technical Department in collaboration with Schüco for the Beirut Tower, incorporating concealed tilt and slide patio doors.
Self-cleaning facade systems, a pioneering technology which ALUMCO introduced to Lebanon and the Middle East through its representation of “IKU-Autria” which holds an internationally recognized patent for self cleaning systems.
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