Showing Nature that we care
The pace of developments and new technologies in the construction industry continues to speed up at an alarming rate. Understanding the changes and having the ability to maintain a minimum rate of progress remains the challenge for all companies to prove their adaptability to such advancements. Within this sector, ALUMCO continues to take great silent strides forward by keeping up with the latest global developments in the industry. The planet’s climate continues to be heavily affected by the decline in the quality of our air, water, and the increase in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of industrial processes and as a by-product of all peripheral activity related to out industry. In the past decade, our organization has grown, and the industry has evolved to account for new building rating systems to certify developments and new constructions as Green. Green building practices mean that the project construction organization, planning and reporting takes into account and monitors the execution of all requirements related to the achievement of Green Certification Credit Criteria under the supervision of a LEED Accredited Professional (AP).
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