In todays’s increasingly crowded marketplace, a properly identifiable logo is required. The logo of a company is its trademark. It will work if painted several meters high on a billboard, and it will work embossed on a business card. It should work printed on a product label, or sewn on a uniform. It should definitely work flashed across a television or computer screen and on and on.

The logo affects the belonging spirit of the staff in terms of identification and clarity of objectives.

One of the most important elements of an identity system is the logo. It is carefully designed for easy and definite recognition providing a base upon which an organization’s identity is built.

Primary Principles
ALUMCO must have a unique visual identity which distinquishes it. Its whole Corporate identity should be highly perceived by the public and the public should associate it with ALUMCO. In order to achieve that, ALUMCO, like any other institution, should have a visual unity. This is the main purpose behind this page, where consistency is the key element to achieve a distinct corporate personality that best communicates ALUMCO’s identity and culture.
Tradition illustrated by the use of the 2 symbolic elements of the contemporary logo quality reflected the blend of shapes that vary from sharp to curved solidity achieved in the embodiment & merge between the elements in the logo through simplicity & refinement innovation through use of abstract & dynamic forms.
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