ALUMCO believes of the importance of communication. ALUMCO newsletter is issued twice per year and is constantly evolving from edition to edition to cover a wide range of articles keeping its team informed of what's going on within the company.The newsletter is compiling varied inputs from all ALUMCO branches to produce an editorial of rich substance for various interests in an appealing layout.
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The Ingenuity in Pioneering - 6th Edition

We are proceeding again with the Newsletter of Alumco Group that has stopped a while due to the changes that took place in the face-lifting of the company including Logo change, Brand Manual preparations and many other aspects of the company that we wanted to implement in our magazine as well.

This issue is an issue that covers the events of 2013 and some of the events of 2014 that the committee of the Newsletter and management of Alumco elected to have it released even if some of the news are slightly old but still need to stay in our archive and employees memories.

We hope you will enjoy the new layout, news and events inside.

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The Habit of Winning - 5th Edition
In this edition, we have as usual many articles on interest to all of us, and a highlight on several new developments of the group like the establishment of vital Contracts department, a highlight about the IT department, highlight about our new European Senior project managers in Qatar and Beirut, a highlight about our KSA branch latest achievements and many other interesting technical articles, life at Alumco articles all over the group.
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The Years of Opportunities - 4th Edition
In this edition we increased the size of the newsletter from 8 to 16 pages and it is becoming a passion to an increasing number of employees to be part of it.
This Edition featured new sections of Alumco Juniors that surprisingly included more than 30 Juniors born in the last couple of years as well as another important section related to the several trainings held at Alumco in all branches and we had it as part of life in Alumco since working here is becoming part of our life and not just a job.
A feature article from Haigazian students that conducted a case study on business management about Alumco Group and Mr. Samer, initiated by Nareg Tavitian the son of Gary our senior estimator in Alumco sal.
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Special Green - 3rd Edition
ALUMCO has always been much more than a high-profile organization. We have always catered for issues far beyond profitability such as safety, employees’ satisfaction, individual growth opportunities, and, above all, Corporate Social Responsibility.
Therefore, we have opted for making this edition a Green Edition to share with you the steps ALUMCO has taken to make a difference in our society.
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The Year of New Beginnings - 2nd Edition
This edition was meant to be issued in January 2011, as you will notice from some of the articles; however we had to delay it to include major events such as our participation in “The Big 5” exhibition.
We congratulate all our technical and operations teams for the successful completion of many of the important landmark projects featured in this edition as well as the sales and bidding teams that keep on feeding the group with interesting projects.
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ALUMCO 15th Anniversary - 1st Edition
The 1st issue of ALUMCO internal newsletter, which comes at a very special time being the 15th Anniversary of Alumco and almost 25 years in the business from the start of Madarioun in KSA.
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